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A Measure of Munros

Graham Wilson, illustrated by Gerry Dale

It‘s nearly half a century since Graham Wilson first scrambled in Skye, quite unaware of the significance of the Inaccessible Pinnacle to many would-be Munroists — unaware, in fact, of the whole Munro phenomenon. Over the next few visits, the Skye Munros were unwittingly ticked off but it was some time before enlightenment dawned. Eventually, and ‘just out of curiosity, you understand’ he bought a copy of Sir Hugh Munro’s Tables in Fort William and, against his better judgement, fell victim to the obsession.

It was only a matter of time before he was sitting in a bar in Tobermory, writing postcards to announce the completion of his final Top. A Measure of Munros considers some notable Munroists, pays tribute to some fine mountain writers and casts a sceptical eye on the whole Munro-bagging industry. Interspersed are the peaks, troughs and eccentricities of Wilson‘s own Munro experiences.

… a tour d’horizon, laced with reminiscences, which acknowledges many of the matters which are of concern and interest to the ever-growing cohort of those who climb Munros. … Wilson’s acquaintanceship with Scotland clearly goes back some time, with a first introduction during a wet sojourn in Glen Brittle. It is implicit in the text that his mountain experience is in no way confined to the Highlands, but clearly his regard for them has been enduring and he makes a pleasant companion during his tour.

Iain A Robertson, President, the Munro Society

170x120mm, xviii + 182 pp
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