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Macc and Other Islands

Graham Wilson, illustrated by Gerry Dale

In Macc and Other Islands, Graham Wilson explores some of the remotest, most spectacular parts of Britain — the Hebrides, Orkneys and a couple of deserted Atlantic outposts. Landscapes, people and snippets of history are recalled with wit and affection: Rum, Eriskay, Mingulay, Jura, Sula, Arran, Hoy, Skomer and, above all, Barra.

Reaching even the inhabited islands is not always straightforward, especially if you forsake the car for the sake of the planet, are encumbered by a young family and have rashly decided to revisit scenes of summer pleasure in the depths of winter. Other islands, like Sula, are only visited by those driven by religion, ancient tradition or economic need.

I advocate your journeying through interesting places with Graham Wilson. He knows where he is going, from shore to summit, from barren rocks to treasure islands, and wants to share outlooks and insights as well as views spectacular and views held. Here geography, biography, history and story are skilfully blended … This book that brings landscape and personalities to life needs to have a place on your shelf and a corner in your rucksack.

John Humphries, John Muir Trust Journal

170x120mm, xviii + 184 pp
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